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First off, apologies on the size and format. The panels are taken from my sketchbook where I didn’t really measure anything off in a standard size, so I opted for one of those long-scrolling vertical images.

Recent research is beginning to show sharks for the highly complex and even intelligent animals they really are. Many people are bitten by sharks every year, but very few if any are pulled under the waves as a food source. Sharks can inspect their environment by sight, smell, pressure on their bodies, electrical senses, and touch. Touch for an animal without hands however is problematic. Think of all the things you’ve seen in your own life that deceived your eyes, but your hands could tell you more. Whether or not a window was open. If an egg was thin-shelled or thick shelled. Whether a texture was hard or soft, such as between astro-turf or a chenille blanket. Sharks bite objects to inspect them, much as a human toddler puts objects in their mouths. They may be rewarded with food, but spit things out that are inedible or simply not what the shark is looking for. 

Shark populations of all species have declined by as much as 90% of their historic levels. With seven billion humans on earth, many of them vacationing or living in the sharks’ backyards, it’s understandable that once in awhile a mistake is made. Be knowledgeable that they are honest mistakes and most sharks simply do not see people as a food source.

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    A related theory is that from below with a shark’s eyesight we look like seals (or other things they like to eat), so...
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